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I have got this Intel NUC5i3ryk running for my docker instanced:

No the idea was to rackmount this, but unfortunately there seems not be any cheap solution for it.

After some digging on google i came across this Unify Edgemax universal rack mount kit: EdgeMAX Universal Rack-mount Kit – Ubiquiti Store Europe

It has a slider to fit multuple devices and it is really cheap!

So i bought one and fit it in easliy. Then i wanted to be able to turn on/off the NUC from the front, because the Intel NUC has an power button on top of the unit instead of the front of the unit.
So i bought this button from AliExpress:

On the Intel website there is good instruction about the Front header connectors on the board: Front Panel Header for Intel® NUC. Check the 9pin header info:

So i used some old computer header plug, soldered the wires and connect it:

And the result is 🙂

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