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I have got this Intel NUC5i3ryk running for my docker instanced:

No the idea was to rackmount this, but unfortunately there seems not be any cheap solution for it.

After some digging on google i came across this Unify Edgemax universal rack mount kit: EdgeMAX Universal Rack-mount Kit – Ubiquiti Store Europe

It has a slider to fit multuple devices and it is really cheap!

So i bought one and fit it in easliy. Then i wanted to be able to turn on/off the NUC from the front, because the Intel NUC has an power button on top of the unit instead of the front of the unit.
So i bought this button from AliExpress:

On the Intel website there is good instruction about the Front header connectors on the board: Front Panel Header for Intel® NUC. Check the 9pin header info:

So i used some old computer header plug, soldered the wires and connect it:

And the result is 🙂

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  1. How did you attach the NUC to the rackmount?

    1. Hi Niels,

      De rackmount kit has some wings with screw holes and the nuc some ventilation grills at the side. So with an tiny screw throught the rack mount kit you can fix the nuc in the ventilation grill.

  2. How did you get the LED to work? Did you need to provide power?

    1. Powered via the board. Just Connect jumper 2 and 4 for the power led and you are done.

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